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San Francisco, CA 94110

Tribe Capital Growth Corp is a natural extension of Tribe Capital Management (“TCM”), a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisor’s Act of 1940, as amended. TCM’s core mission is to pursue top-decile private technology companies that are exhibiting inflection points in their growth, with the potential to scale towards outsized outcomes with long-term venture capital.

We call these “N-of-1” opportunities, where a company has begun capturing a new atomic unit of value—like oil, idle cars, empty rooms, or the friend graph—that when captured, has the potential to catalyze an immense wave of innovation. The inflection point comes as the company has captured and begun to dominate the atomic unit, creating scarcity such that economic activity and entire markets refactor around the company.

Tribe Capital Management convenes data scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs around a shared vision of investing and partnering with technology focused companies. Our belief is that our team’s access, reach and relationships with founders, executives and venture capitalists, in the public and private markets, will give us an advantage in the ability to identify and implement value creation.